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Currently the membership application form is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Fill in our membership application online on the Finnish website to join The Entrepreneur Fund here.

You can use the translation below as a guide for filling in the form or you can contact our customer service at 09 622 4830 (Mon Thu 9-12 a.m. and Tue 1-3 p.m.) if you require assistance with filling in the membership application form. There is also an option to leave a callback request when our telephone service is closed or when the lines are full. Additionally, it is possible to send a request for a secure e-mail to and join via e-mail.

Translation of the membership application :

Fill in this form to join The Entrepreneur Fund. Your membership starts from the date of sending the form to the fund. If you wish to join from a later date, please indicate on the form your preferred date of joining the fund. You cannot join the fund retroactively. New members start paying membership fees beginning from the month of joining the fund. Please note, that you must have a valid pension insurance YEL, MYEL or TyEL at the time of joining the fund.

NB Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

The form is secured with SSL-technology.

The Unemployment Fund for Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur Fund) carries out tasks as specified in the Unemployment Act i.e., providing earnings-related unemployment security and associated benefits for its’ members. To execute these tasks the Entrepreneur Fund maintains and processes personal data of its’ members and persons receiving benefits. Personal data is handled in accordance to the Unemployment Act.

Personal information

*Last name:

*First name:

*Personal identity code:



*Town or city:

Mobile phone number:

Email address:

Company information

Name of company or Business ID:

Telephone number:



Town or city:

*Date of starting business operations:

*Type of company

  • Self-employed person
  • Company name
  • Limited partnership
  • General partnership
  • Limited liability company
  • Co-operative
  • Light entrepreneur

Line of business:

*Position in the company:

  • Ordinary board member
  • Chairman of the board
  • Chief executive officer
  • General partner
  • Holder of the company name

*Ownership (percentage out of 100%)

Pension insurance information

*Type of pension insurance (YEL MYEL or TyEL):

*Pension income (the basis for your pension insurance):                   EUR/ year

*Pension insurance provider:

Date of taking out pension insurance:

Choosing your insurance level in the Entrepreneur Fund

The annual work income, which your YEL or MYEL insurance is based on sets the upper limit for your insurance in the Entrepreneur Fund. The minimum level is € 14 088 per year. You should take out unemployment insurance to match your YEL, MYEL or TyEL income right away. Any increases exceeding 20 % made later will take 15 months to gain full effect. You cannot take out unemployment insurance on a level which exceeds your YEL, MYEL or TyEL work income.

*Chosen insurance level in the Entrepreneur Fund:                           EUR/year

*I would like to pay my membership fee in 1, 4 or 12 instalments (please indicate which):

Membership in the Entrepreneur Fund

*Date of joining the Entrepreneur Fund is the day on which you submitted the application to the fund. If you wish to choose a later date, please write the date here:

Please note that you cannot choose a date earlier than the date of submitting the application

Before entrepreneurship

Previous unemployment Fund:

Before entrepreneurship I was:

  • unemployed
  • employed and a member in a wage-earners’ fund for at least 6 months
  • other:

*How did you hear about the Entrepreneur Fund:

  • From my unemployment fund or trade union
  • Internet search
  • Newspaper article or ad
  • Radio ad
  • Event
  • From a friend
  • Newsletter
  • Entrepreneur training/ coaching
  • Other

Additional information:

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