Employment promoting services

The TE-offices can direct you to employment promoting services during which unemployment allowance can be paid, provided you remain a jobseeker with the TE office.

A person taking part in an employment promoting service is paid an allowance equal to the allowance received before taking part in the service. Barring a few exceptions, unemployment allowance is paid with an increased component for up to 200 days, if taking part in the service is included in your employment plan.

In addition to the increase, an expense allowance is usually paid for days of participation in the service. The tax-free expense allowance is € 9 per day unless it is increased, in which case it is € 18 per day .

Unemployment allowance paid by the fund during your participation in an employment promoting service accumulates days towards your maximum payment period of 300, 400 or 500 days. Refusing to participate in or cutting short your participation in an employment promoting service may cause you to lose your unemployment allowance.

Services promoting employment include:

  • job search training
  • career coaching
  • education try-outs
  • vocational labour market training
  • independent study supported by an unemployment benefit
  • work trial
  • integration services for immigrants
  • rehabilitative work activity

You can apply for unemployment benefit during independent studies if:

  • you have registered with the TE Office as a job-seeker and your job search is valid
  • you at least 25 years of age
  • the TE Office has assessed that studies or training will improve your chances in the job market
  • studies are included in your employment plan

Please contact your TE office to find out more about these services and how to participate in them.