Register as an unemployed job seeker

The first step in claiming unemployment allowance is to register as an unemployed job seeker with the TE office. You cannot register retroactively so it is best to register as an unemployed job seeker at latest on the first day of unemployment.

You have the right to apply for daily unemployment allowance when you have provenly terminated your business activities or when your employment in the company has ended.

The TE-office will examine whether you meet the conditions for receiving unemployment allowance and will then issue a binding labour policy statement on the matter to the fund.

Make sure that your job search stays in force for the duration of your unemployment. We only pay unemployment allowances if you are a registered job seeker with a valid labour policy statement. 

Register as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE office

To register as an unemployed job seeker online, visit If you wish to register in person you can locate your nearest TE office on the TE-service’s website using their search function.

Your job seeking is in force once you have submitted your registration and all required information through the TE-office’s online service. Your right to daily allowance can begin no earlier than the date of registration with the TE-office.

After the initial registration it is important to follow the TE office’s instructions and deadlines to ensure that your job seeking is in force. Visit the TE office’s online service to check the status of your job seeking. Obtaining a positive statement granting you the right to unemployment allowance requires you to seek employment and to be willing to accept full-time work, even if you are applying for allowance during sickness or partial employment.

Inform the TE office of having provenly terminated your business activities. For more detailed instructions please contact the TE-services, contact details available online at

Statement on unemployment is issued by the TE office

After investigating whether you meet the labour policy requirements for unemployment allowance, the TE office will issue a binding statement on your unemployment, which is sent directly to the Entrepreneur Fund, provided you have informed then when registering as a job seeker, that you are a member in the fund.

The Entrepreneur Fund will not process your allowance claim prior to having received a labour policy statement from the TE office. You must however send your first allowance application to the fund within three months of registering as an unemployed jobseeker.

Make sure you keep your job search in force

Follow the TE office’s instructions and deadlines to ensure that your job seeking stays in force. You are not entitled to unemployment allowance for a period during which you are not a registered job seeker.

The TE office can set a suspension period for an applicant. A suspension period, means a period during which benefits are not paid due to for example the following reasons:

  • resignation or refusal to work
  • refusal or discontinuation of participation in employment promoting services
  • refusal to prepare or update your employment plan

The TE office will also decide whether you are entitled to apply for unemployment allowance when:

  • you are self-employed while applying for allowance
  • you participate in an employment promoting service
  • you take up studies

You must keep the TE office and the fund informed of any changes to your situation such as new employment or self-employment, periods of sickness and extended travels.

More information

TE services offer a national helpline providing unemployment security advice in English at 0295 020 713. For more information, visit