What happens when your daily allowance ends?

You can still keep your membership in the Entrepreneur Fund valid when your daily allowance period ends, by paying the reduced membership fee. The reduced membership fee is always issued for the current year, meaning you are required to renew your application for the reduced fee each year. You should note, however, that you do not accrue new work requirement just by keeping the fund’s membership in force.

You can resign from the Entrepreneur Fund for instance using a web from or through our eService, if you no longer wish to be a member.

Please read below, how to proceed after your daily allowance period ends.

The maximum payment period for daily allowance has been reached

Earnings-related daily unemployment allowance is paid five days a week over a maximum period of 400 days, meaning that the maximum payment period is reached in approximately 18 months (400 days/ 5= 80 weeks). When your right to daily allowance ends, The Entrepreneur Fund will send you a written decision, which you can in turn submit to the TE office. The TE office will then issue a statement to Kela, entitling you to apply for Kela’s labour market subsidy. A person receiving entrepreneur’s daily allowance does not have the right to so called additional allowance days after the maximum payment period ends.

Starting business activities

If you restart business activities, notify the fund in writing using our eService or by email. You start accruing the entrepreneur’s work requirement if you have also taken out a pension insurance that is based on an annual income of a least € 14, 088 in 2023.

If you have been issued a statement by the TE office, deeming you a full time-entrepreneur, you can contact them for more information on the statement. Additional information and contact details are available at www.te-palvelut.fi.

Starting new employment

If you start working as a wage earner, you should switch over to a wage-earner’s fund immediately to accrue the wage-earner’s work requirement. You cannot accrue the wage-earner’s work requirement in the Entrepreneur Fund.

Mobility allowance

If you become employed as a wage earner or start training related to employment far away from your home you may be entitled to apply for mobility allowance, which is meant for covering the cost of relocation or commuting.

Mobility allowance can be paid if the job is at least 2 months in duration and your daily commute to and from work is more than 3 altogether for full-time employment, or more than 2 hours altogether for part-time employment.

Contact our customer service if you want to apply for mobility allowance.

Studies, start-up grant, or adult education allowance

If you take up studies or you are granted a start-up grant or adult education allowance, it is still worth it to stay on as a member even if you are not currently making pension insurance contributions.

Once you take out a pension insurance, notify the fund to start accruing new work requirement. If however you become employed as a wage earner, you should join a wage-earner’s unemployment fund

Reaching retirement age

Unemployment allowances can be paid until the end of the month when you turn 65. You can however apply for old-age pension immediately when you reach the lower age limit of retirement age. Earnings-related allowances paid by unemployment funds normally accrue 1,5 % in pension up to the lowest pension age.

If you have been granted a statutory old-age pension or a full invalidity pension, membership in the Entrepreneur Fund is no longer useful to you. You can resign from the fund in writing using our eService or by email

Sickness allowance or disability pension

If you are being paid unemployment allowance based on permanently and significantly reduced work ability, you may have the right to re-apply for sickness allowance after one year of receiving unemployment allowance. Please contact Kela for more information on sickness allowance.

If you are granted permanent disability pension, the Entrepreneur Fund’s membership is no longer useful to you. You can resign from the fund in writing using our eService or by email .

Wage-earners’ post-protection based allowance and additional allowance days

Person nearing retirement age receiving unemployment allowance based on wage-earner’s post protection may have the right to additional allowance days.

Persons receiving allowance based on the entrepreneurs’ work requirement are not entitled to additional days.