During unemployment

Keep your job search valid and apply for allowance

To apply for earnings-related daily allowance, you must be registered as an unemployed job-seeker with the TE office. Read more from the section titled accrual and validity of the work requirement.

Once you have been granted earnings-related daily allowance, the Entrepreneur Fund will send you a payment notification along with a pre-filled follow-up unemployment allowance application form. The easiest and most secure way of applying for allowance is however through the eService on the fund’s website using your online banking codes. You can send attachments as well as the allowance application form using the eService. It is also possible to send these documents by post or by fax. We do not, however, recommend sending sensitive information over email, without a secure email service.

Good to know

  • you should apply for daily allowance in periods of one calendar month or four consecutive weeks. You may not date or send the application in advance.
  • follow-up claims must be received by the fund within three months of the first date of the period applied

Notify the fund of any changes

When applying for unemployment allowance, you are required to notify the fund if, for instance, you have received any income or if you have applied for a social benefit including a personal pension plan, or any benefits paid by an employer during a period for which you are applying unemployment allowance.