Update your member information

Informing us of changes affecting your membership responsibility. You can update your information online using one of the forms below or via email to neuvonta@yrittajakassa.fi.

Make sure that you are insured in the correct unemployment fund. If you have started working full-time as a wage-earner you should transfer your membership to one of the wage-earner’s unemployment funds.

Notify the fund when:

  • changes are made to your pension insurance income
  • you want to change your insurance level in the fund
  • you start receiving sickness allowance from Kela
  • you have been a granted partial old-age pension or a partial invalidity pension
  • you have been granted a statutory old-age pension or a full invalidity pension

Update your information

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  • Contact details
  • Resignations
  • Insurance level
  • Reduced membership fee
  • Other changes