Update your member information

Informing us of changes affecting your membership is your responsibility. You can update your information online using one of the forms below or via eService or send an email to neuvonta@yrittajakassa.fi using a secure email connection.

Make sure that you are always insured in the correct unemployment fund to keep your unemployment security uninterrupted. If you have started working full-time as a wage-earner you should transfer your membership to one of the wage-earner’s unemployment funds.

Notify us when:

  • changes are made to your pension insurance income
  • you want to change your insurance level in the fund
  • you start receiving sickness allowance from Kela
  • you have been a granted partial old-age pension or a partial invalidity pension
  • you have been granted a statutory old-age pension or a full invalidity pension

Update your information

The forms are currently only available in Finnish and Swedish. Please contact us at 09 622 4830 for assistance in filling in the forms