Selecting and changing your insurance level

You select the income level at which you insure yourself in the fund. You may choose an insurance level no higher than the annual income of your statutory pension insurance or the added up annual incomes of your pension insurances taken out due to entrepreneurship. The chosen insurance level is used as the basis on which your membership fee is determined.

The Entrepreneur Fund does not receive updates from your pension insurance on any changes made to your pension insurance, so you must inform us of any changes to the insurance yourself.

We update your insurance level annually according to the wage coefficient. You have the right to opt out of the automatic update.

In 2024 you accrue the work requirement when your pension income is at least EUR 14,803 or if  your gross annual income under TyEL is at least EUR 14,803 or your monthly income is at least 1,233,58 EUR

Members of the Entrepreneur Fund accrue the work requirement when working as an entrepreneur as specified in the Unemployment Act. In the context of unemployment security, working as an entrepreneur is defined as being employed in your company and making YEL- or MYEL pension income of at least EUR 14,803. For those entrepreneurs who are insured under TyEL, the gross annual income under TyEL must be at least EUR 14,803 (or EUR 1,233,58 per month) to accrue the work requirement.

How to change your insurance level?

The easiest and most secure way of updating your insurance level or any other membership details is through our eService. If you are unable to access our eService, it is also possible to update your insurance level as well as other information pertinent to your membership via e-mail. We recommend that you make sure your email service is secure.

Please include the following information in your written update:

  • Name and either your telephone number or e-mail address
  • Date of birth or member ID (your member ID number is printed on your invoice)
  • your new insurance level and the date from which onwards you want the new level to be used

You cannot as a rule, make changes to your insurance level retroactively and if you raise the insurance level is valid from starting the next full calendar month.